Fear Prevents Therapeutic Relationship

We’ve been learning about transference and countertransference this week for class.  Naturally I have been applying it to my relationship with my therapist as well as how they will eventually relate to myself and my clients.  I have a real problem with transference as it relates to my relationship with my therapist.

I feel like transference is a weakness (for me) because I know it is something I should be aware of as being unrealistic.  Being aware of it in such a way therefore means I should be able to avoid it.  Instead my instincts tell me to surrender to it and to discuss it with “K” but as usual my fear holds me back.  In order to discuss such embarrassing (for me) topics with her I feel as if I have to separate myself from the emotional aspects of the topics.  But again that is counter-productive.  But in order to “protect” myself I feel I have to remove myself in such a way.  This is a really big struggle for me.


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