However Momentary

A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook this evening.  It contains what I feel to be a very important sentiment.  It is important for kids to be supported in this way.  While the picture is meant to be partly humorous it contains an essential truth.  I’ve said before that I’ve known intellectually my Mom loves me but that rarely if ever have I felt it.  I know Mom fought for my early education.  As I learned differently than other kids, Mom had to fight to make sure I wasn’t assigned to some backwater special ed classes.  She knew I was not stupid.  But when I faced hours of frustration over Math homework or expressed dislike of one thing or another or expressed enthusiasm for something, I never felt the support was there.  Dislike or frustration was faced with a ‘suck it up’ attitude.  Enthusiasm was faced with doubt and discouragement.  Support and more importantly comfort was simply nonexistent.  And so, as corny as it may seem, I say it is important for kids to know and feel the above sentiment to the very core of their being.  To not feel it breeds a foundation of deep hard core self-doubt and in many cases self-disgust.  It is hard, so hard, to take care of and love yourself if you are constantly in doubt of the legitimacy of your own feelings, thoughts, desires, hopes, dreams, cravings, and whims.  And so I say to the mothers out there, make sure your kids know they have your unwavering support.  As frustrated as you are with us sometimes, sometimes it is better to hold your tongues, recognize our dislikes and frustrations, and support our dreams even if you are in doubt of them.  Do not dose  our enthusiasms with your worries, fears, and practicalities, at least not right away.  Share in our joy, however momentary.

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